June, 3rd to 5th 2022 | Bienal Pavilion

Deadline for Oral and e-Poster submission is 09:00 pm (Brazil time) January 24th, 2022.

RETINA 2022 will only accept abstracts that are original, unpublished until the date of presentation at the congress, in two different formats: ORAL PAPERS or e-POSTER. The Scientific Committee only accepts online submission and reserves the right to reject papers that do not comply to the BRAVS published rules. Prizes in cash awarded by BRAVS are taxable incurring in tax withholding and tax reporting of these payments as well as banking taxes and fluctuation of currencies when international wire transfers are implied.

To access the paper submission e-form the author must complete the e-registration form first. One of the authors must be fully registered in the congress; however, the payment can be made on a later step. The author can come back to his/her registration in the system and make the payment according to the registration fee correspondent to his/her category and date of payment. Information regarding the corresponding author (address, department, institution, email) must be completed and the email address valid, as all communication will take place through this email. It is not mandatory that authors are BRAVS members.

Each abstract must have one of the selected forms of presentation:

  • ORAL – BRAVS AWARD (abstract + full paper)
  • ORAL – BRAVS AWARD – NOVARTIS (abstract + full paper)
  • E-POSTER (abstract + ppt/keynote)

Each abstract must have one of the selected areas:


The Scientific Committee will accept complete and unpublished papers in the posterior segment field. Case Reports must be submitted as e-Posters.

Abstracts and Papers may be revised at any time from the beginning of the process until either the deadline of 09:00 pm (Brazil time) January 24th, 2022 or until the author finalizes it. In no event, the Scientific Committee or the Executive Secretariat will perform corrections, substitutions or make any changes in the abstracts or files.

When submitting an abstract, the authors automatically accept all regulations and authorize the organizing Committee and BRAVS to publish it nationally and internationally in their printed and electronic medias with no payment involved.

Do not submit an abstract if it is not your intention to attend the congress.