June, 3rd to 5th 2022 | Bienal Pavilion

Dear colleagues Retina Specialists 

It is with great pleasure that we announce and proudly host the 2020 edition of the BRAVS meeting here in Sao Paulo.

Art could be defined as a human creation that encompasses beauty, balance and harmony. A great amount of emotion, history, feelings and culture ride along with it.

Mankind uses art to better live, finding new ways of interpreting the world through imagination and creativity.

A meeting inside a unique place like the Bienal Pavilion invites and stimulates you all to exercise all that potential that you as doctors and retina specialists carry inside each and every one of you. 

An environmentally conscious concept has driven the whole project of this event since its beginning. A great deal of recycling and carbon emissions control will be involved. Therefore, the whole executive and scientific board are extremely proud of what we have achieved after long hours of brainstorming and intense work.

You will find a thoughtfully devised program that will guide you through this journey with lectures, panels and lively discussions generated by well-regarded and renowned retina specialists from throughout the world as well as key local professors. 

Last but not the least, you will be delighted with plenty of social occasions to meet your peers as well as face to face opportunities with our sponsors.

Enjoy this opportunity and receive our warmest welcome to the 2020 BRAVS meeting.

Andre Gomes
Andre Maia
RETINA 2020 Presidents